What Makes us Different

Duralok - a Creative Solutions Company

We have been supplying returnable-packaging materials to manufacturers since 1988. Our Duralok family of products works especially well at handling fabricated or machined metal parts that can cause other packaging products to break down. Our interlocking solid-wall HDPE Partitions offer a creative approach to maximizing difficult shipping challengess.

Our Solution


Solid HDPE walls withstand rugged use and are unaffected by most chemicals. Strong and long-lasting, our partitions stay in service for the long run.

No Tooling Cost

No molds or cutting dies to buy. Compare to molded trays and their development costs. This is especially attractive on low-volume runs.

Custom Design

Our partitions are designed to meet your speci cations, and we provide a CAD draw- ing for your approval. Standard material for our partitions is 1/8”, 3/16” or 1/4" Black HDPE. Other thicknesses, colors and materials are available upon request.

Rust Protection

If you wash your dunnage periodically, corrugated plastic flutes can trap water, creating a rust hazard for your parts. Our material is solid and won't hold water or other liquids. With Duralok, your parts are packed in clean, dry dunnage.

Impact & Chemical Resistance

High-Density Polyethylene is the same material used for molded pallets and totes. It holds up to most harsh chemicals, and withstands rugged use.

Matching Layer Pads and Totes

Available from the same durable material. Totes are created by attaching a bottom sheet to a partition, usually for use in a flow rack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Solid-Wall" mean?

Lots of returnable cell partitions are made of corrugated plastic, which has flutes or open tubes running the length of the material. These flutes add strength to the corrugated plastic sheet and make it useful for light-to-medium-duty totes and partitions. In some applications however, flutes can become a liability. If parts are heavy or large, the flutes can break down quickly, forming "false scores" or hinge lines in undesirable places. If parts are dirty and partitions are sent out for washing, flutes can trap water, which can to seep out when partitions are back in use. Wet packaging creates the potential for rust in metal parts.

Our partitions are made with solid High Density Polyethylene walls. Our walls are much stronger, much less likely to break down, and much easier to clean and dry.

How do Duralok partitions "Cradle" the parts they carry?

Some of our partitions are designed to carry the parts that are packed in them, rather than to just separate them. We design the shapes of the walls to fit important features of your parts so that when loaded, the parts are firmly held in place. We call this a cradle.

What is a "Lock-Slot?"

Partition walls have slots cut into them to enable all the walls to fit together into one unit. If the slot is just a straight cut, the partition can easily fall apart. We employ a variety of proprietary locking features to keep walls securely in place. One of the most requested features is our Double Lock, which we use on larger packs to add strength and rigidity in addition to holding walls joining walls together.