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Packaging Solutions

Our unique approach to your shipping challenges gives you confidence when shipping and storing difficult parts.

Our solutions include, design, engineering, prototyping and fabrication.

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A Better Way to Handle Difficult Parts

Our Solid-wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) construction and interlocking wall design ensure that our cell partitions and part cradles will remain in use long after others have distorted or collapsed.

Since our products have no flutes, they are strong and durable – and they won’t trap rust-inducing liquids next to your parts.

Custom Cell Partitions & Part Cradles

A cell partition can be as simple as a pack that hold Christmas tree ornaments, or it can be a complex design with contoured cutouts designed to fit the shape of a particular part. Common partitions have cells that are loaded from above, but some are designed to be set horizontally and loaded from the side. Part Cradles are custom-designed to support products from underneath in a specific orientation, much as a molded tray would. Simple or complex, we specialize in HDPE Partitions and Part Cradles!

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